UNC Lineberger uses the official University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill font collections, and suggest their use on any UNC Lineberger-related publications.

The official University typefaces are Bembo Std. and ITC Franklin Gothic, and these are suggested for use on UNC Lineberger publications. Typefaces are licensed and are widely available for purchase. In the event that a unit does not have access to these fonts, other suggested fonts are Garamond and Arial.

For Print

The University's standard serif and sans serif fonts are:

I. Bembo Std. (Serif)

II. ITC Franklin Gothic (Sans Serif)

For the Web

These fonts are not generally available on computers, and are not considered safe for the web. In place of Bembo and Franklin Gothic, use Georgia and Verdana, respectively. Use the following font families to style fext in all web communications. 

Font family, Sans Serif: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif
Font family, Serif: Georgia, Times New Roman, serif