Patient and Family Advisory Board members serve on a number of committees for UNC Health Care and on those developed specifically for N.C. Cancer Hospital.

Some of the opportunities for advisors are:

Comprehensive Cancer Support Program

An Advisory Board member attends this meeting once a month and participates in group discussions regarding supportive services and ways to improve, expand, and enhance the work of the CCSP

Caregiver Conversations

The Comprehensive Cancer Support Program (CCSP) offers a weekly group just for caregivers.  Caregivers take the responsibility for assisting with medical tasks, keeping up with insurance and medical information, taking patients to and from appointments, asking the questions about the patients’ health care and providing support during a loved one’s cancer journey

At the support group meetings, caregivers have the chance to share the concerns of being a caregiver with others in a comfortable setting.  The groups are facilitated by one of the CCSP staff members.  

In-Patient Education Committee     

Reviews, edits, recommends changes, field test and approves the literature that various UNC Hospital Departments are requesting to become official documents for the hospital such as general instructions for patients and caregivers.

Ethics Committee

The Hospital Ethics Grand Rounds series will offer an innovative and interactive forum for engaging with ethical, legal, and policy issues with highlights on patient care within the hospital.  Sessions will include presentations on medical ethics, case conferences and “myth-busting” of common misperceptions related to law and policy.  The series will focus on decision-making for both child and adult patients related to serious illness including end-of-life.

Planning Committee

The planning committee will be responsible for the planning of the hospice facility, the number and type of beds, location, proformas, staffing etc. as well as working on the certificate of need for a Free-standing Inpatient Hospice and Palliative Care Units including residential beds.

Carolina Care – UNC Health Care

The purpose of the committee is oversight of patient satisfaction on both inpatient units and clinics.  The committee meets monthly.  The voice and perspective of a patient is present at each meeting helping the committee ensure the patient is a the forefront of their work and interpreting what patients are telling us in surveys.

Partnering with Patients and Families

This committee is to assist other areas of the cancer?hospital in partnering with patients/caregivers and family members to respond better to patient/caregiver concerns and needs.  It includes developing by-laws, application forms, attributes of potentialpatient advisory/board member, how to conduct meetings and bring about a collaborative effort between staff and patients/caregivers.

Patient Assistance Committee

This committee is an advisory board providing oversight of the management and disbursement of donated funds available to provide assistance to our patients and families in times of need.  Membership of the committee represents all areas of the healthcare system.

New Patient Orientation

A committee comprised of representatives from throughout the cancer hospital to determine how best to orient new patients and their caregivers to the hospital complex,

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Advisory Council

This committee meets monthly to assess needs of the pediatric population and works alongside staff to support patients and their families.

Other Activities

Board members have reviewed brochures, educational materials and signage and interviewed candidates for cancer hospital positions. They have served as spokespeople at community events, in the media, and with UNC faculty and students groups.