TomoTherapy® at UNC Cancer Care

TomoTherapy® combines imaging technology and radiation therapy into a single device to provide increased accuracy and better restriction of the radiation dose to the target tissues.

Photo courtesy of Mark Kostich.
Photo courtesy of Mark Kostich.

 TomoTherapy® is a sophisticated radiation treatment machine that provides both state-of-the-art imaging and therapy technologies.  TomoTherapy® has a "built in" CT scanner, providing 3D images to pinpoint a tumor's exact location.  This allows radiation to be delivered to that precise location while minimizing risk to the surrounding tissues and organs.  Imaging can be done daily, which allows radiation to be adjusted more frequently to target the problem area.  As a result, a patient may experience fewer side effects.

During TomoTherapy® treatment, the machine rotates completely around a patient in the same way as a CT scanner. By delivering the radiation from many directions, the dose can be more conformally matched to the three-dimensional shape of the tumor.  This enables the physician to better target the tumor and further minimize the radiation dose to normal tissues. No other radiation machine offers this seamless integration between imaging and conformal radiation therapy.

Rex Cancer Center and UNC Cancer Care, the clinical home of UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, are leaders in using this sophisticated technology.  The centers operate two of only three TomoTherapy® machines located in North Carolina.

TomoTherapy® is particularly helpful for patients suffering from cancers of the:

  • Brain
  • Head and Neck area
  • Pelvis
  • and for tumors that are particularly close to sensitive organs and tissues.

Benefits of TomoTherapy® include:

  • Accuracy
  • Precision
  • Reduced normal tissue radiation exposure

If you would like to learn more about TomoTherapy® or to schedule a patient, call (919) 966-7700.

Photo courtesy of Mark Kostich.
Photo courtesy of Mark Kostich.