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Lois Blackman

by Mary Ruth last modified Oct 30, 2011 06:12 PM
Lois Blackman sent her first gift to UNC Lineberger in January of 2004, and since that first gift she and her husband, Leslie Jr., have sent a check every month to support prostate cancer research.
Lois Blackman

Leslie Blackman III

Lois Blackman of Faison, NC sent her first gift to UNC Lineberger in January of 2004. Her son, Leslie Blackman III, had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and was under the care of UNC physicians Young Whang and Eric Turner. Leslie was also participating in a research chemotherapy program directed by Dr. Whang. Her note accompanying her gift said, “I hope I shall be able to send gifts for research often. I know small gifts from enough people can make a difference!”

Lois was true to her word. Since that first gift, she and her husband, Leslie Jr. have sent a check every month to support Dr. Whang and his prostate cancer research. Their gifts are now made in memory of their son, who lost his battle with cancer in May of 2005.

When Lois was asked about being profiled in this publication, she responded with enthusiasm: “Once we saw a wall plaque honoring some well-known donor for his contribution. My son said, ‘When I get well, I’m going to give so I can be recognized for helping such a worthy cause.’ Leslie would be so grateful to be remembered.”