Bryan and Rebecca Morris

A sense of family legacy and continuing a tradition of service is what led Bryan and Rebecca Morris of Charlotte to volunteer on the UNC Lineberger Board of Visitors since 2003 and to make a planned gift.

Morris FamilyRebecca’s parents, Jick and Betsy Garland, were founding Board members, serving from 1984-2002; Jick Garland served as chair for four years. The Jick and Betsy Garland lab, dedicated in 1997, serves as the tissue culture lab for Dr. Yi Zhang, professor of biochemistry and biophysics, and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator.

Rebecca explains, “It was very important to my parents to have been on the Board, especially since my father served as chair.  I think there’s no better way to honor them than to leave money to the cancer center to help in the effort to find a cure."

“Both my parents had cancer as well as my grandparents, so our family has a strong commitment to advancing research.”

Bryan says, “For us, it’s not about the spotlight. It’s about being able to share with others the blessing bestowed on us.  We feel there is no greater way to do for others what they may not be able to do for themselves. It’s about being of service.”

For Rebecca it’s also about “our children. So they can see what the cancer center has meant to our family and that the legacy passes along to them and their children.”

Their gift is unrestricted. Bryan, explains, “We’d like whomever is director to be able to use it at his or her discretion to do with it what is most needed.”

On the Board, Bryan serves on the Development Committee and Rebecca helps with Board outreach efforts in Mecklenburg County.

Rebecca says, “We’re following in my parents’ footsteps to help the cancer center and the hospital to grow and thrive and to become better recognized for the outstanding work they’re doing. We’re helping with something that is very important to us.”