Corona Cares

The “Corona Cares” program was initiated in 2005 by Crown Imports and local wholesalers to benefit sick kids and their families at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Thanks to the advocacy of Raleigh-based Long Beverage, Inc., the 2010 program raised more than $90,000 in North Carolina for patient and family support programs at the N.C. Cancer Hospital.

Corona Cares came to North Carolina through a partnership with Long Beverage, Inc. of Raleigh. Rodney Long and his family, including daughters Macey Long and Corie Long Latta, shown above with Daniel Latta and Mary Alice Eubanks, named the Mary Anne Long Brighter Image Boutique in honor of their wife and mother, who passed away in 2009. The family provides ongoing support for the Boutique, part of UNC’s Comprehensive Cancer Support Program.

Patrick Mackey, Market Development Manager at Crown Imports, said that his tour of the N.C. Cancer Hospital to see where contributions will be used opened his eyes — particularly when he saw the kids and families in pediatric oncology.

“Looking at children who are fighting for their lives and their parents, helped me understand more why the resources provided through UNC’s Comprehensive Cancer Support Program are so crucial. It is a great feeling to be able to provide funds to help all patients and their families come to UNC and receive the highest quality of care.”

Long Beverage president Rodney Long, lost his wife, Mary Anne, to cancer. He and his family named the Mary Anne Long Brighter Image Boutique at the N.C. Cancer Hospital. Of his efforts to bring Corona Cares to North Carolina, he said, “We have a personal experience at UNC Lineberger. The amount of care and expertise UNC provides is amazing. I just believe that what we take away from our experience should be something that we try and give back to.”