Donna Carr

Wilson, NC, resident Donna Carr began making donations to UNC Lineberger in 2001 in honor of a friend and has continued her gifts ever since.

Donna Carr“My very very best friend had gynecologic cancer and was treated in Chapel Hill by Dr. Linda Van Le. I made a contribution in honor of my friend. It was a way for me to say to her ‘I care about you, I love you, and I’m going to do anything to help you.' Some things I can’t do, but giving money to cancer research is one thing I can do."

“My friend lost her battle with cancer. Then after that I had two more friends diagnosed. I wanted to honor my friends, so I continue to contribute. To me it’s a disease that needs some answers and cures and that’s why we continue to make gifts to UNC Lineberger.”

Donna, a retired educator, and her husband, Thomas “Mac” McLeon, give only to NC charities, including UNC Lineberger. “We think it’s better to help people in North Carolina. We read about how some national charities operate, and we want to keep our donations right here in our state.”

Donna says, “I love UNC’s hospitals. My parents were both patients there on several occasions and we always had good experiences there.”

She explains, “I keep hearing about so much cancer and I would just really love to see a cure for this horrible disease. Any money I can put towards the research that might come up with a cure would be worth it to me.”