Jamin Gibson

Jamin Gibson views giving as an opportunity to pay tribute to important people in his life and often makes gifts in honor of family and friends. When he relocated to Charlotte in late 2012 for his job with PNC Bank, Jamin sought out local cancer organizations to support and found UNC Lineberger.

Jamin Gibson image“I like giving in the community. Even though Chapel Hill is down the road, I want to support the good work that’s being done at Lineberger,” he said.

While a letter initially prompted his involvement in UNC Lineberger, he was already familiar with UNC’s research and patient care mission before moving to the state. “My son, now a med student at Wake Forest, applied to the UNC medical school, so I am aware of UNC and its storied history,” he explained.

Jamin’s interest in and support of cancer research goes back decades to relatives in his hometown of Altoona, PA. “My mother and my mother-in-law, who has passed away, had double mastectomies. They were both active in the American Cancer Society and served in various Board positions and solicited funds for the ACS. Perhaps that’s what attracts me to supporting cancer research.” 

Recently, his commitment to contributing to the cancer fight was reignited. “I have a good friend, probably my best friend, whose mother had developed breast cancer,” he said. “She was treated at Dana-Farber, and that’s what probably sparked my interest in cancer even more.”

Jamin hopes his gifts will not only let his friends know how much he cares, but also help fund areas at UNC Lineberger where the need is greatest. “Every time I have an envelope with a giving form, I tuck it away and think of the next person I want to honor,” he said. “My sights are now set on Lineberger in a very positive way.”