Laura Dugom

Laura Dugom was on a mission to have her Senior Project make a difference. “When I started thinking about my Senior Project I thought about doing something for children with cancer.”

Laura Dugom

As Dugom researched cancer, childhood leukemia kept appearing in her search. “Cancer affects everybody, but it was particularly touching to think about children battling such a difficult disease.”  She did research to find the right institution to support and felt inspired by the New Face of Cancer Care, which highlights patients and caregivers and their journey through the cancer treatment process.

Laura combined her love of children, UNC, and her desire to be a pediatric oncologist into a senior fundraising project. “Everybody at my school buys t-shirts, so I decided to create a t-shirt and sell them.” Laura raised $500 through her project. “I wish I could have raised $30,000, but I know that the money I raised will help at least one person,“ Laura explained.

“I like UNC.  It feels like home. People here are smart and making a difference, which is why UNC is a prestigious place.”

For all the compliments Laura has paid toward us, we at UNC Lineberger feel the same about her. It is a special gift to have a person champion a cause and support others they do not know. Thanks Laura!