Maddie’s Lemonade Stand

Six-year-old Maddie Moore launched the Drink the Pink Project as part of Turn the Town Pink.

Maddie's Lemonade StandTurn the Town Pink is a tribute to the tremendous support that UNC Lineberger receives from the Chapel Hill-Carrboro community. Six year old Maddie Moore jumped in with both feet this year, launching the Drink Pink Project to raise money for the UNC Comprehensive Cancer Support Program.

She kicked the project off with a sale at a Meadowmont neighborhood barbecue and then set up her pink lemonade and cupcakes at other community events.

“One day in the car, she said to me, ‘I’m going to make a lemonade stand, and I’m going to give all my money to the Tickled Pink Ladies,’” says Maddie’s mother, Darcy Brandt Moore.

Darcy has worked with Tickled Pink and the newer “Turn the Town Pink” efforts, volunteering her time and talent for several years. “She’s only 6, but she just wants to do it to help,” says Darcy. “She doesn’t want attention.”

Maddie even has a website:, which takes PayPal donations. Overall, she raised more than $1,400, and we think she’s just starting out!