The Clark Family

Honoring a legacy of helping others

The Clark FamilyBill Clark, IV, says of his father, William “Dubba” Clark, III, “He kept quiet about most of the things he did to help others.” Bill’s sister, Gray Stoughton, agrees, “He helped a lot of folks, and didn’t tell people about it.”

But Dubba’s friends knew. And after his death in 2008, they raised money to name the William “Dubba” Clark III Education Room in the Patient and Family Resource Center at the N.C. Cancer Hospital that houses a library of specialized cancer education materials for patients and families. This effort expanded the Fund established by Bill Clark in 1996 to support the urgent financial needs of cancer patients and families facing the challenges of paying for a place to stay overnight or for gas to travel to and from Chapel Hill.

Bill Clark’s family continues to support the Clark Fund annually. Bill explains, “My father was always a person quick to count his blessings. I’m my dad’s son and I feel blessed as well. I continue to support the Clark Fund because I know that when I’ve encountered medical things, not being informed is scary. To be able to gather information and learn about a medical situation is a great comfort. My wife, Tiffany, and I want this type of resource to continue.”

Gray Stoughton says, “Anything my dad was big on, I’m big on. I’m a big researcher. If something comes up, I want to know everything about it so I totally understand the value of the Education Room. It’s important that patients and families have these materials, and we are glad to support it.”

Bill’s widow, Gray, notes, “Bill was a giving person who reached out to so many people. While serving on the UNC Lineberger Board of Visitors, I learned how much help patients and families need with a cancer diagnosis. I continue my support because it’s a way to honor Bill’s memory and to help UNC Lineberger provide resources that will assist families.”