Earl and Margie Johnson

Investing in new treatments, outstanding care

Earl and Margie JohnsonEarl and Margie Johnson of Raleigh say, “The more we see of UNC Lineberger, the more we realize all they’re doing for cancer research and treatment. When we needed to do some estate planning, we couldn’t think of a better place than UNC Lineberger to include as a planned gift in our wills.”

Margie explains, “My father served as chair of the Board of the Medical College of Virginia, and my family all volunteered as a part of our lives. I have been involved in medical causes and the arts. Earl has charitable interests as well. Since Lineberger is a mutual interest and passion of both of us, Earl suggested, ‘Why don’t we make a planned gift to Lineberger?’”

Both have been touched by cancer. Margie was successfully treated for colon cancer eight years ago. “When I came to UNC I was evaluated by several specialists, not just one. The broad-based comprehensiveness of Lineberger is just outstanding.”

Earl has lost family members to lung cancer. “My mother died at the age of 83 and my oldest sister died at the age of 59. I think so many inroads in research and treatment have been made, that maybe they could have made it through if they had been diagnosed today.”

Earl says, “Our gifts are unrestricted. Because of our knowledge of Lineberger and our trust in the way things are done there, we are confident they’ll know best what to do with the funds.”

Margie admires “the lovely way that Lineberger accepts referrals. They help with appointments and with referrals for people with no prior connection to UNC or to the Cancer Center who need a second opinion for their own peace of mind. Friends who had no experience with Lineberger and were seen there were overwhelmed with the love and service that was provided.”

Earl concurs, “I admire the dedication of the people at Lineberger who give their professional time and their lives to Lineberger. It’s inspiring. UNC Lineberger has a national reputation and is becoming more recognized around the world. If you’ve ever been touched by cancer in your family, you know that these are the people who are going to someday find answers to cancer problems.”