Patrick and Carol Nash

UNC Lineberger speaks softly — but makes a big difference

Patrick and Carol NashPatrick and Carol Nash of Washington, North Carolina funded an unrestricted seed grant at UNC Lineberger because “UNC Lineberger is quietly successful. The whole culture is to speak softly and make a big difference with team science and team care — there’s not a lot of first person singular,” Patrick says. Carol adds, “It is a true honor to be associated with this team and see firsthand the difference they are making.”

Patrick’s work takes him to academic medical centers up and down the east coast, giving the couple context for evaluating where their gift would do the greatest good.

Patrick says, “Carol and I were struck by how unique the approach is at UNC Lineberger. It is truly patient and family-centric in its focus, that is where everything originates. It seems so simple or even a cliché, but not very many academic medical centers or research facilities have that approach. That really is why we decided to try to make some small impact with our donation.” Carol continues, “The unique care and research coming from UNC Lineberger are gifts to the people of North Carolina and beyond.” The couple chose to fund an endowment through their family foundation.

They say the success of the seed grant program is evident. “You can see where the funds are being applied. You see studies being published now that started with seed grants.”

Like many of UNC Lineberger’s generous donors, their family has been impacted by cancer. In addition to loosing several close friends, Patrick’s mother died of breast cancer after a long battle. “She had an exciting, vibrant life, full of happiness and grandchildren. We are keeping her spirit and the spirit of our friends alive with this gift” he says.

“We feel like a seed grant at UNC Lineberger makes a bigger impact from a cure standpoint and from improving the lives of patients and families. The attention to detail around the patient is better at UNC by far than at any other academic medical center, research facility or hospital that I have seen in my more than 25 years in the industry,” Patrick concludes.