Dr. Jim Sink

When Dr. Jim Sink of Chapel Hill first walked through the N.C. Cancer Hospital, it did not take him long to zero in on the pediatric oncology clinic as a destination for his philanthropic support.

Jim SinkAs someone who performed surgery on children with congenital heart defects in his early years as a cardiac surgeon, Jim was already sensitized to the challenges facing children with serious health issues.

But perhaps even more powerful an influence was Jim’s father; a Lexington, NC farmer whose dedication to improving kids’ lives shaped Jim’s own philanthropic values. A champion of the Kitty Camp (now Kamp Kiwanis) for underprivileged kids in Davidson County, Jim’s father was “selfless” in his support, running the Kiwanis Club sponsored Davidson County Fair to raise funds for the camp for 34 years. Later, Jim and his sister named a camp cabin for their father in tribute to his wonderful legacy.

Jim can think of no better place to invest than UNC Lineberger. What impresses him most about the cancer center is the focus on translational research, where scientists and doctors work together to bring the latest advances from the lab to the patient as quickly as possible — just the kind of work that has led to huge strides in curing kids with cancer over the last twenty years.

Jim, a father of four healthy children, reflects on the multitude of unmet needs in the pediatric oncology clinic and looks forward to continuing his support in years to come. Following in the footsteps of his father, Jim wants to champion the work of UNC’s pediatric oncology team by advocating for the program among his friends and neighbors and through his naming gift to the pediatric clinic in the N.C. Cancer Hospital. His hope is others will want to do the same for whatever area of cancer research and treatment reflects their family and values.