Susan Coppedge

Investing in progress

Susan CoppedgeLosing her father in 1983 to a brain tumor shaped Susan Coppedge’s perspective about giving. She explains, “Sometimes it takes life experiences to make you realize how important it is to help. My father’s death made me realize it’s important not to take from life, but to try to do something to give back.”

A Hendersonville, N.C., native and UNC chemistry major (BS, ‘82), Susan is a longtime supporter of UNC and UNC Lineberger’s annual fund. “I have always felt that by giving to research or education, you’re getting the most mileage out of a gift because you’re doing something to change someone’s life directly.”

Susan, a senior vice president at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney in Boston, explains, “I think all areas of cancer research are hugely important. In my work I’m always following research from companies about the latest treatment for various cancers. My chemistry background helps me to understand a little better what’s going on.”

Based in Boston, Susan hears a lot about Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and feels that “UNC and Dana-Farber are two forefront centers in the US for cancer discovery.“

She says, “By giving to UNC Lineberger, you’re helping to support a cause that could enhance the chance to add years to someone’s life if there’s a research discovery made. I’ve had many friends with cancer and think the research that has happened in the last 10 years especially is so promising. By giving to UNC Lineberger, we’re helping to make that progress possible.”