UNC Field Hockey

UNC’s Women’s Field Hockey team partnered with UNC Lineberger on a year-long project to raise awareness of cancer risk and, in particular, skin cancer.

UNC Field Hockey turned it pink to promote sun safety in the community.

The team passed out sun-safety tips from UNC’s doctors at their annual summer camp and took time each day to ensure that campers wore sunscreen before outdoor activities. The student-athletes also collected sunscreen donations, which they distributed to the Interfaith Council for distribution to shelter residents and other individuals who spend time outside in the sun.

The project was led by team member Meghan Lyons, who subsequently earned a Robert E. Bryan Public Service Fellowship from the Carolina Center on Public Service to extend sun-safety awareness efforts. Recruiting partners from various UNC varsity athletic teams, Meghan was able to extend the project into 2011. More information is available at: http://sunsafetyproject.comIcon indicating that a link will open an external site..