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Gary Crunkleton

“Cancer seems to be on the rise. It seems as though everyone knows someone with cancer,” says Gary Crunkleton, owner of the Franklin Street bar of the same name.

Gary Crunkleton
Gary Crunkleton

“Our involvement with UNC Lineberger comes from knowing people who have survived and not survived cancer. UNC Lineberger is a local institution fighting cancer and we want to focus our fundraising attempts at the local level.”

On September 19th, The Crunkleton will host its first event focused on prostate cancer awareness. They hope to have a large turnout of people interested in learning more about this particular cancer. A family doctor, an urologist, and an oncologist will be on hand to answer questions and offer their different perspectives.  $1 from every beer sold at the event, and throughout the month of September, will be donated to Pints for Prostates and UNC Lineberger.

The Crunkleton is also a Turn the Town Pink community partner. “We will wear pink bow ties during the month of October,” says Gary. “We’ll also create a pink cocktail for our guests to enjoy throughout the month and 100% of the proceeds from purchases of this cocktail will go to UNC Lineberger.”

“Supporting UNC Lineberger feels great! From the patients to the researchers to the doctors, we are supporting people we know and care about,” says Gary. “Money and awareness is raised and we have fun doing it. It stems from our passion and duty to give back and help.”