Current Trainees

David Allison

Postdoctoral Fellow: Wang Lab
Analysis of PRC2 activity in Leukemic Progression

Brittany Bowman

Postdoctoral Fellow: Major Lab 

Kirsten L. Bryant

Postdoctoral Fellow: Der Lab
Analysis of the Heterogeneous Metabolic Dependencies of Pancreatic Cancer Cells

Yun-Chen "Jeanne" Chiang

Postdoctoral Fellow: Sharpless Lab
Cellular Senescence in Shaping T Cell Receptor Repertoire Diversity

Craig M. Goodwin

Postdoctoral Fellow: Der Lab
Targeting CDK4/6 for pancreatic cancer treatment 

Gavin D. Grant

Postdoctoral Fellow: Cook Lab
Quantitative High-Content Live Cell Imaging of Cell Cycle Protein Dynamics

Joseph Harrison

Postdoctoral Fellow: Kuhlman Lab 
Regulation of histone H3 ubiquitylation in DNA methylation inheritance and Computational modeling ubiquitin transfer complexes

Bree Heestand

Postdoctoral Fellow: Ahmed Lab
Lack of pairing during meiosis triggers multigenerational transgene silencing in Caenorhabditis elegans

Ernest Heimsath

Postdoctoral Fellow: Cheney Lab

Sharon Hopcraft

Postdoctoral Fellow: Damania Lab