Former Trainees

Maria M. Bednar Research Scientist Bayer Crop Science
Kara Boltz

Postdoctoral Research Scholar
North Carolina State University

Yun-Chen "Jeanne" Chiang

Postdoctoral Fellow: Sharpless Lab
Cellular Senescence in Shaping T Cell Receptor Repertoire Diversity

Sara Conard

Project Specialist II
INC Research in Raleigh

David S. Courson

Research Assistant Professor
Old Dominion University

W. Darnell Graham

Postdoctoral Fellow: Swanstrom Lab
Molecular Biology of Retroviruses

Samantha Keeble (King)

Postdoctoral Fellow: Bear Lab
The role of the Arp2/3 complex in directional migration

Colleen Kellenberger

Research Scientist at Camargo Pharmaceutical Services

Robin J. Marjoram

Scientist at Affinergy

Angela Mazul

Postdoctoral Fellow: Hayes and Zevallos Labs