Cecile Skrzynia, MS, CGC

As a genetic counselor, Cecile interacts with people who are concerned about the possibility of a hereditary condition in their family, either a hereditary cancer syndrome or an adult onset hereditary condition.

Cecile Skrzynia, MS


In Cecile's spare time (which she says she has to schedule ahead) she likes to run and cook.  She has several genes of French origin, which allow her to appreciate wine, cheese and fashion.

"I love my job, which combines a basic  science background with counseling skills. Communicating with people of various backgrounds who deal with serious health issues and to be helpful to them is why working here is so satisfying," says Cecile. "I also am surrounded by an incredibly talented group of individuals, who care very much about each and every person that we see; they inspire me to do my best every day!"