Norma Fullwood Williams, BS

Norma is a program support coordinator with the Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplant Program.

Norma WilliamsIn her role, Norma supports the administrative office working unit; serves as liaison to other departments; and coordinates the process of ordering, distributing and inventorying supplies and equipment for the work unit. She also assists with new patient intake - communicating with doctor’s offices and patients by phone and drafting and sending out appointment letters - in addition to attending several meetings where she dictates and transcribes minutes.

"Whether I am wandering down a trail or gazing at the ocean, I am inspired by nature," says Norma.  "Nature is always active, finding ways to survive and flourish." One of her best experiences was hiking the Mable Dowdy Nature Trail in the Greenbrier State Forest in West Virginia. 

She also finds inspiration from the patients she works with every day. "They are a constant reminder of extraordinary strength, hope and resilience," she says. "Just like nature, they find ways to survive and flourish."

Norma received a Bachelors of Science (BS) in Health Care Management.