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Merle Mishel

Merle Mishel

  • Ph.D.
  • Cancer Prevention and Control

  • Kenan Distinguished Professor of Nursing
  • UNC-Chapel Hill
  • 919-966-4274
  • 1000 Carrington Hall

Area of Interest

Dr. Mishel's research focus has been patients' perceptions of the cancer experience. She has two currently funded studies to explore the impact of uncertainty on psycho-social adjustment and has developed a widely used paper and paper measure of uncertainty in illness. In three completed studies, testing the effectiveness of uncertainty management interventions in promoting self-help, management of treatment side effects, problem solving and other cognitive outcomes. Two studies involved Caucasian and African-American women with breast cancer and the third study was with Caucasian and African-American men with localized prostate cancer.

Currently Dr. Mishel is funded to test the efficacy of the uncertainty management intervention in men with recurrent or advanced prostate cancer. The design of the intervention is the same as the prior study on men with localized prostate cancer. The study is currently ongoing.

In a second funded study, Dr. Mishel and her research team have developed a new uncertainty management intervention that is being tested with African-American and Caucasian older women who are long term breast cancer survivors. The intervention is a self-delivered program involving an audiotaped program to help women handle their uncertainties about breast cancer recurrence along with a manual detailing how to manage late emerging treatment side effects. This study is in the second year of a five-year grant from NCI.