University Cancer Research Fund updates, record poster session highlights of 2011 scientific retreat

The sixth annual UNC Lineberger scientific retreat drew a record number of posters – 68 – for the poster session and competition – and close to 150 people for the talks and reception.

The retreat featured talks by Ben Neel, director of the Ontario Cancer Institute; UNC faculty and fellows and an update on UCRF and UNC Lineberger from Shelley Earp, director. Following the talks was a reception and poster session. View poster showing retreat agenda. An icon indicating that a link opens a Microsoft PowerPoint file.

Speakers included: Genetics/Genomics Theme Team - Terry Magnuson, PhD, theme team leader; Piotr Mieczkowski, PhD; Corbin Jones, PhD; Jonathan Berg, MD, PhD; Will Jeck, PhD; and Kim Rathmell, MD, PhD.

New Therapeutics Theme Team - Ned Sharpless, MD, theme team leader; Patrick Roberts, PharmD, PhD; and James Duncan, PhD.

And, the Optimizing NC Cancer Outcomes Theme Team -  Andy Olshan, PhD, theme team leader; Kurt Ribisl, PhD; and Bill Carpenter, PhD.

Winners of the poster competition were awarded $250.00, first prize; $150.00, second prize; and $100.00, third prize.

Basic Science Winners

basic science winnersFirst Place: Stephanie Smith-Roe, UNC postdoctoral fellow: “Contribution of the Replication Fork Protection Complex, Timeless-Tipin, to Multiple Genome Maintenance Functions.”

Second Place: Hao Chen, NCCU postdoctoral fellow: “Pax9 is Critical for Development of Esophageal Epithelium.”

Third Place: Emily Fontenot, UNC clinical fellow: “A Monoclonal Antibody to Secreted Frizzle Related Protein 2 Inhibits Angiosarcoma Growth.”

Third Place: Rebecca Sinnott, UNC graduate student: “Elucidating Molecular Mechanisms that Modulate Mitotic-Stress Induced Death.”

Clinical/Translational Winners

Clinical WinnersFirst Place: Lee Mullin, UNC graduate student: “UltrasoundMediated Nanoparticle Drug Delivery: In-Vitro and In-Vivo Studies.”

Second Place: Matthew D. Wilkinson, UNC postdoctoral fellow: “Lung Cancer Patients Exhibit a Genomewide Chromosomal Instability and DNA Methylation Correlation Which Varies by Expression Subtype.”

Third Place: George Chao, UNC graduate student: “Loss of BRCA1-dependent DNA Repair Genes is Associated with Basal-like Breast Tumors.”

Population Sciences Winners

Population Sciences WinnersFirst Place:  Christina DeFilippo Mack, UNC graduate student: “Racial Disparities in Receipt and Comparative Effectiveness of Oxaliplatin for Stage III Colon Cancer in Older Adults.”

Second Place: Dori M. Steinberg, UNC graduate student: “Are There Negative Consequences to Daily Self-Weighing Among Overweight Adults?”

Third Place: Leah L. Zullig, UNC graduate student: “Organizational Factors Associated with Patient Accrual into Community-Based Cancer Clinical Trials.”

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