UNC’s Neuro-oncology program recognizes Ependymoma Awareness Day on April 19th

UNC Cancer Care’s neuro-oncology program will recognize Ependymoma Awareness Day on April 19th, as part of the program’s overall efforts to increase public awareness of this rare tumor and the need for clinical studies to improve early diagnosis, standardize treatment and improve the health status of those living with this disease.

“Ependymoma is a rare type of primary brain or spinal cord tumor that affects both children and adults,” says Jing Wu, MD, PhD, the program’s co-director.  “It is treated with surgery and radiation therapy, but there is no good information on whether and what chemotherapy can be helpful.  As part of our overall effort to find new treatments for brain and central nervous system tumors, we are working with other research centers and organizations to advance a research program to find new options for these patients.”

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