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American Cancer Society Revises Cancer Screening Guideline Process; UNC scientists are report co-authors News Item
DeSimone Receives Innovation Award News Item
The power to help, hurt and confuse: direct-to-consumer whole genome testing News Item
UNC scientists funded to study genome sequencing in clinical settings News Item
Goldstein, McCullough address needed measures to curb tobacco use News Item
Donald Rosenstein serves as president of Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine News Item
President Obama taps Barbara Rimer to lead National Cancer Panel News Item
Cell molecule identified as central player in the formation of new blood vessels News Item
P Rex-1 protein key to melanoma metastasis News Item
Gehrig named director of UNC Gynecologic Oncology News Item
Viruses and cancer focus of Damania’s talk at National Academy of Sciences annual science symposium News Item
Protein associated with childhood cancer alters the structure of DNA, leading to cancer, UNC study shows News Item
Scarring a necessary evil to prevent further damage after heart attack News Item
Biomedical Research Imaging Center to be fourth U.S. site for MRPET scanner News Item
University of North Carolina and SAS fight cancer together News Item
No evidence for potential competition between human papillomavirus types in men News Item
Dianne Shaw named Hometown Hero for November 8 News Item
New prescription drug regulations, Shea discusses in The Herald-Sun News Item
NBC Nightly News looks at latest research on aging, Sharpless comments News Item
Loretta Muss named Hometown Hero for November 4 News Item