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UNC cancer researchers honored with Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO Merit Awards News Item
UNC Lineberger researcher, collaborators to test molecular imaging technology News Item
Northwestern Mutual expands support for childhood cancer in North Carolina News Item
Join the UNC/Rex team for 2015 Susan G. Komen Triangle Race for the Cure! News Item
Martin Baucom named UNC Lineberger senior executive director of development and communications News Item
UNC faculty author new book on engineering radiation therapy safety News Item
Bobby Kadis: Living life to the fullest News Item
Earp receives honor from UNC-Chapel Hill Alumni Association News Item
Bobby Kadis News Item
UNC analysis shows advantage for picture-based cigarette pack warnings over text warnings News Item
Partnering with IBM and Watson to accelerate DNA analysis and inform personalized treatment News Item
Ellen Martin: Battling Breast Cancer with Resilience and Research News Item
Ellen Martin News Item
UNC Lineberger members awarded 2015 UNC Health Care and Faculty Physicians Award for Carolina Care Excellence News Item
UNC researchers create DNA repair map of the entire human genome News Item
UNC Lineberger study finds new potential melanoma drug target News Item
A BRAIN Initiative first: new tool can switch behavior ‘on’ and ‘off’ News Item
Roger Johnson: Thankful for every day News Item
Roger Johnson News Item
Eligible for breast conserving therapy, many still choose mastectomy News Item