UNC Lineberger holds first community-oriented geriatric oncology symposium

The inaugural geriatric oncology symposium, geared toward a lay audience, provided a lively afternoon of presentations, questions and answers, and concluded with a reception on Friday, November 15, 2013.

The symposium was organized by Drs. Hy Muss and Jan Busby-Whitehead, leaders of the UNC Lineberger Geriatric Oncology Program. Jack Hyer, patient advocate for the program, helped lead the event.

Dr. Lisa Carey welcomed the group.  She is physician-in-chief of the North Carolina Cancer Hospital, the Richardson and Marilyn Jacobs Preyer Distinguished Professor in Breast Cancer Research, medical director of the UNC Breast Center, and associate director for clinical research at UNC Lineberger.

Participants heard from experts on a variety of subjects. NC Cancer Hospital Patient and Family Advisory Board members Susan Eder, Bob Harrison, Polly Hudson, Mary Kerrigan, Glenda Stone and Advisory Board coordinator Loretta Muss introduced the speakers. 

Jan Busby-Whitehead, MD, spoke on “Cancer and Age: The Silver Tsunami,” and

Natalia Mitin, PhD, addressed the topic, “Why Do We Age?”

Three physicians described “Treating Older Cancer Patients.”

Karyn Stitzenberg, MD, talked about surgical approaches to cancer; Noam VanderWalde, MD, explained radiation therapy options, while Trevor Jolly, MD, addressed chemo and biologic therapies.

Following these talks, concurrent sessions were offered on different types of cancer.

Chad Pecot, MD, lung cancer; Hy Muss, MD, breast cancer; Matt Milowsky, MD, prostate cancer; Hanna Sanoff, MD, colorectal cancer; and Matthew Foster, MD, leukemia/lymphoma.

The afternoon concluded with three talks. Liz Sherwood, RN, MS, ANP-C, addressed, “Making the Most of Life During and After Cancer,” Kirsten Nyrop, PhD, spoke about “Keeping Fit and Staying Active,” and Debra Bynum, MD, described “The Role of Caregivers.”

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