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Helpful Criteria in Identifying Nominees

The following criteria may be helpful in identifying nominees and in describing why they should receive the award. No one candidate is expected to meet all the criteria.

Areas in which excellence should be recognized and rewarded include: Education, Leadership, Community Involvement, Clinical Expertise, Interpersonal Skills and Mentoring.

Examples of criteria are:

  • Continuing formal or informal education
  • Developing educational materials; publication work
  • Actively using and referring others to appropriate resources
  • Demonstrates a positive approach to challenges
  • Advocates for both patients and staff
  • Serves on working groups/committees
  • Promotes public awareness and involvement, i.e. Relay for Life or Race for the Cure
  • Skillfully communicates with patients and families to arrange services
  • Provides appropriate support to patients, family and staff
  • Serves as a positive role model and resource to staff to motivate learning
  • Effectively imparts knowledge and encourages skills development of others