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2013 Oncology Nursing Awards

The purpose of these annual awards is to recognize an Oncology nurse (RN or LPN) who is devoted to the care of individuals with cancer and to the oncology nursing specialty. Such individuals positively influence the professional practice of nursing and the public’s image of nursing through excellence.

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Deadline for Nomination

Nominations are due by Friday, October 11, 2013 at 5:00 PM. Each nominator should complete a copy of this form for each nominee. Each nomination must also be supported by a manager or director.

Submission Information

Nominations for 2013 Oncology Nursing Awards may be submitted online using the form on this page.

Looking for the online nomination form for the 2013 Oncology Service Awards? Click here!

Nominations for either award may also be sent via campus mail to: Norma Fullwood, Oncology Administration, N.C. Cancer Hospital, CB# 7218, Suite CG 261.

Helpful Criteria in Identifying Nominees

The following criteria may be helpful in identifying nominees and in describing why they should receive the award. No one candidate is expected to meet all the criteria.

Areas in which excellence should be recognized and rewarded include: Education, Leadership, Community Involvement, Clinical Expertise, Interpersonal Skills and Mentoring.

For examples, click here.