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Additional information for patients undergoing bone marrow and stem cell transplant, as recommended by UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center physicians

VIDEO: You Are The Key - Your Journey Through the Bone Marrow Transplant Experience

The educational DVD titled "You are the Key" guides patients through the BMT program's process, including a potential patient's first visit to UNC, pre-transplant work-up, BMT admission and post-transplant follow-up care. It also includes interviews with patients who have received a transplant at UNC. Creation of the DVD was supported by a University Cancer Research Fund grant.

Chapter 1, The Initial Consultation
Chapter 2, The Pre-Transplant Workup
Chapter 3, In-Patient Stay for Transplant
Chapter 4, Post-Transplant Care and Recovery 

Patient Stories, Part 1
Patient Stories, Part 2
Patient Stories, Part 3
Patient Stories, Part 4 

Caregivers, Part 1
Caregivers, Part 2 

    For more information or to request a copy of the DVD, email S. Elizabeth Sharf, RN, BSN, CHTC.

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