Patient and Family Resource Center (PFRC)

Located on the ground floor of the N.C. Cancer Hospital, the Patient and Family Resource Center (PFRC) is our central location. The PFRC offers a library, business center, boutique for wig and head coverings, private consultation rooms, and a place for relaxation. The staff offers patient education, support, evaluation for legal and financial assistance, and referrals.

Counseling & Mental Health Services

Our group of psychiatrists, psychologists, advanced practice nurses and counselors provide compassionate support and symptom management for the psychosocial challenges that can accompany a cancer diagnosis. In addition, a variety of support groups are available to both patients and caregivers.

Wellness: Nutrition & Exercise

Our oncology-certified dieticians provide one-on-one counseling and a monthly nutrition class titled "Nutrition During Cancer Treatment." CCSP offers numerous avenues for patietns to introduce or regain physical activity into their lives, including individual consultations and group classes such as Get Real and Heal, a group exercise series. 

Integrative Medicine: Accupuncture, Consultations, Massage, Yoga

Complementary therapies can relieve cancer symptoms or side effects, ease pain, and enhance your life during and after treatment. Our program complements traditional  cancer care and currently includes: acupuncture, massage therapy, integrative medicine consultations and yoga.


Supportive Care: Lymphedema Care & Symptom Management

Lymphedema, or swelling of the arms and/or legs can be caused by lymph node removal or by radiation treatment for certain forms of cancer. Our lymphedema therapists work to help you prevent or manage lymphedema according to your needs. Our Support Care/Symptom Management team offers clinics for outpatient management of common cancer-related problems and side effects such as adverse medication effects, coagulation, fatigue, nausea, pain and peripheral neuropathy.


As one of only seven LIVESTRONG Centers of Excellence in Cancer Survivorship - and the only one in the southeast - we are dedicated to providing the best in survivorship care, including survivorship clinics, treatment summaries with care plans, educational programs such as Cancer Transitions®, a program that includes exercise, nutrition  and stress management. CCSP partners with communities across North Carolina through education and training programs for cancer survivors, caregivers and health professionals.

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Classes, workshops, support groups and other support services

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