Female Breast Cancer Patients Invited to Participate in Free Walking Program

We are conducting a research study to adapt the Arthritis Foundation’s Walk with Ease program to the needs and interests of breast cancer patients, age 65 or older, who are currently on aromatase inhibitor (AI) therapy and have self-reported arthritis or joint pain and stiffness.

 What does the study require of participants?

  • Engage in a 6-week self-directed (independent) walking program and to maintain a daily walking diary.
  • Complete two surveys – one at the beginning and a second at the end of the 6-week walking program.
  • Participate in a personal interview (30-45 minutes) for your views on the program.

Research Participants will receive:

  • A free participant Walk With Ease workbook and free pedometer
  • $25 gift card for completion of two questionnaires and 6-week walking diary
  • $25 gift card for 30-45 minute post-walking interview

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be age 65 or older
  • Currently on aromatase inhibitor (AI) therapy
  • Have self-reported arthritis or joint pain or stiffness
  • Have Stage I, II or III breast cancer diagnosis (most recent diagnosis)
  • Be English speaking

To participate in this research study, please contact Betsy Hackney at 919-966-0574 or by email at bshackne@email.unc.edu.