Who We Are

A list of Head and Neck Oncology staff and faculty appears below.

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Head and Neck Oncologic Surgeons

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Mark C. Weissler, MD clinical profile
Adam Zanation, MD clinical profile
Trevor Hackman, MD clinical profile
Carol Shores, MD, PhD
William W. Shockley, MD clinical profile
Clinic Nurses Linnea Van Pelt, RN
Elaine Hinkle, RN
Nurse Practitioner Mary Fleming, MSN, ANP
Nurse Navigators Nancy Jensen, RN  919-843-5265
Clinical Trials Nurse Dale Flowers, RN, OCN
Program Coordinator Glenda Blackwood 919-445-5590
Laura Lyndon Miller 919-966-9717

Radiation Oncologists

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Bhishamjit Chera, MD clinical profile
Julian Rosenman, MD, PhD clinical profile

Medical Oncologists

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Juneko Grilley-Olson, MD clinical profile
Jared Weiss, MD clinical profile

Nuclear Medicine

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Amir Khandani, MD clinical profile


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Valerie Jewells, MD clinical profile
Benjamin Huang, MD clinical profile

Reconstructive Surgeons

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Trevor Hackman, MD clinical profile
Eric Halvorson, MD
Kamil Erfanian, MD
Speech and Swallowing Therapists Brian Kanapky, MA, CCC-SLP
Ellen Markus, MA/CCC-SP, DMA
Bryon Kubik, MA
Dentists Lauren Patton, DDS clinical profile
Robert Hollowell, DDS


Glenn Minsley, DMD
Nutritionist Jennifer Spring, RD, LD view webpage

Social Worker

Joanne Sroczinkski
Epidemiologist Andy Olshan, PhD
Support Comprehensive Cancer Support Program view webpage

Fertility Preservation

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Jennifer E. Mersereau, MD clinical profile

Research Coordinator

Michele Hayward, RD

Tobacco Cessation Services

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Susan Trout, LCSW, MSPH, CTTS


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Clinical program

Kate Foreman, MS, CGC