David G Kaufman

MD, PhD, Professor and Vice Chair, UNC-Chapel Hill, Cancer Genetics

David G Kaufman

Professor and Vice Chair
UNC-Chapel Hill
Cancer Genetics

620 Brinkhous-Bullitt

Area of interest

One of our research goals is to discover molecular mechanisms that relate cell proliferation and chemical carcinogenesis.

In another line of research, we have been studying biologic and molecular features of malignant transformation in human endometrium using human endometrial cells in culture.

Awards and Honors

  • We demonstrated that interaction between normal endometrial epithelial cells and stromal cells are essential for normal functions of endometrial epithelial cells including growth in response to estrogen, formation of intercellular gap junctions and production of secretory proteins. Knowledge of these normal interrelationships is important because these functions are lost in endometrial cancers.
  • We have developed human endometrial stromal cells that have extended life-spans in cell culture by transferring into them constitutively expressed telomerase reverse transcriptase.
  • We have demonstrated six chromosomal bands in which DNA replication begins at the onset of S phase in normal human fibroblasts. We have begun mapping these six chromosomal bands and in the four bands studied to date we found regions within the bands that replicate very early in S phase. 
  • We have characterized one segment of DNA in chromosome band 1p36.1 that is replicated extremely early in S phase.
  • We have found that DNA replication pauses for about 10 minutes soon after initiation during the first hour of S phase in normal human fibroblasts; replication resumes thereafter.

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