Ivan Rusyn

M.D., Ph.D., Environmental Science & Engineering, UNC-Chapel Hill, Cancer Genetics

Ivan Rusyn

M.D., Ph.D.
Environmental Science & Engineering
UNC-Chapel Hill
Cancer Genetics
0031 Hooker Research Lab

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Area of interest

Our laboratory applies molecular, biochemical, genetic and genomics approaches to understanding the mechanisms of environmental agent-related organ injury and carcinogenesis. Specifically, we are interested in the genetic determinants of the susceptibility to toxicant-induced liver injury, nuclear receptor-mediated pathways in chemical carcinogenesis, oxidative DNA damage and repair, and the role that alcohol and diet play in cancer. Through a combination of in vivo animal studies and experiments that utilize cellular and molecular models, we aim to better understand why certain chemicals cause cancer or organ-specific toxicity and whether humans in general, or any susceptible sub-population in particular, are at risk from similar exposures.

Awards and Honors

2008 Achievement Award, Society of Toxicology
2002-2005 Transition to Independent Position Award, NIEHS
2000-2002 Individual Postdoctoral National Research Service Award, NIEHS
2000-2001 Leon & Bertha Golberg Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowship, UNC-Chapel Hill
2000 Visiting Professor of Surgery, Yamanashi Medical University, Japan
2000 Young Investigator Award, Soc. for Free Radical Research International
2000 AACR - Bristol Myers Squibb Oncology Young Investigator Scholar Award
2000 Carl C. Smith Mechanisms Specialty Section Award, Society of Toxicology
1998/99/2001 Young Investigator Award, Oxygen Society
1995-1996 Research Fellowship, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
1994 First Class Honors Diploma, Ukrainian State Medical University, Kiev, Ukraine

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