Andrew Wang

MD, Radiation Oncology, UNC-Chapel Hill, Molecular Therapeutics

Andrew Wang

Radiation Oncology
UNC-Chapel Hill
Molecular Therapeutics

Dept of Radiation Oncology

Clinical profile

Area of interest

The central theme of our research program is to apply advances from other fields such as chemical engineering, materials science, biomedical engineering and nanotechnology, to the field of oncology.
1. Nanoparticle-based radiosensitizers
2. Nanoparticle chemosensitizers
3. Nanoparticle formulation of "fiorgotten" drugs
4. Biomatrix scaffolds for the ex vivo culturing of primary tumor cells.
5. Combining particle drug delivery with prostate brachytherapy
6. Clinical investigation on nanoparticle formulation of docetaxel

Awards and Honors

2008 ASTRO Resident Poster Recognition Award (Biology)
2008 ASTRO Translational Research Meeting Travel Grant
2009 Triad Golfers Against Cancer Research Grant
2010 ASTRO Junior Faculty Basic Science Research Abstract Award
2010 The National Academies Keck Futures Initiative-Imaging Science Conference
2010 NIH/NCI Paul Calabresi Career Development Award for Clinical Oncology K12
2011 ASTRO Junior Faculty Basic Science Research Abstract Award

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