Andrew Wang

MD, Radiation Oncology, UNC-Chapel Hill, Molecular Therapeutics

Andrew Wang

Radiation Oncology
UNC-Chapel Hill
Molecular Therapeutics

Dept of Radiation Oncology

Clinical profile

Area of interest

The central theme of our research program is to apply advances from other fields such as chemical engineering, materials science, biomedical engineering and nanotechnology, to the field of oncology.
1. Nanomedicine approaches to improve cancer immunotherapy
2. Nanomedicine approaches to improve cancer chemoradiation treatment
3. Nanoparticle drug delivery
4. Tissue engineering of cancer metastasis models
5. Development of novel biomedical devices
6. Clinical translation of novel technologies

Awards and Honors

2017     UNC Health Care and Faculty Physicians Award for Carolina Care Excellence

2016     UNC Health Care and Faculty Physicians Award for Carolina Care Excellence

2011     ASTRO Biology Basic Science Research Abstract Award

2010     ASTRO Junior Faculty Basic Science Research Abstract Award

2008     ASTRO Translational Research Meeting Travel Grant

2008     ASTRO Resident Poster Recognition Award (Biology)

2001     Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Fellowship for Medical Students

2000     Betty and Doris Barrett Scholarship, Harvard Medical School

1998     Thomas Payne Biology Scholarship, Department of Biology, Indiana University

1998     Lewis Bartling Scholarship, College of Arts and Sciences, Indiana University

1998     John Grimes Chemistry Scholarship, Indiana University

1998     Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society

1998     Blue Key National Honor Society

1998     Herman B. Wells Scholarship (Full tuition merit scholarship), Indiana University

1997     Honors Division Research Scholarship, Indiana University

1997     Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society Scholarship

1996      Honors Division Faculty Scholarship, Indiana University

1994     National Science Foundation Summer Research Fellowship

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