Maureen Su

MD, Assistant Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill, Pediatrics, Immunology

Maureen Su

Assistant Professor
UNC-Chapel Hill

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Dr. Su's research interest is in understanding the role of central tolerance in shaping the T cell repertoire. In particular, she has been interested in the role of the Aire gene in the negative selection of developing thymocytes. Aire is a putative transcription factor which upregulates the expression of self-antigens. Loss of Aire allows for the escape of T cells reactive against these self-antigens into the periphery. These studies are relevant to cancer in that the ability of the immune system to defend against cancer cells may be modulated by these processes. The ability of the immune system to reject melanoma cells, for example, may be hampered by central tolerance processes that delete T cells reactive against melanoma-associated antigens. The Su lab is studying the effects of the Aire gene on melanoma-associated antigen expression in the thymus and in the ensuing T cell repertoire directed against melanoma cells.

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