UNC Lineberger's 2013 Scientific Retreat

The UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center held its Annual Scientific Retreat on May 22 at the Carolina Club.

The program featured ten-minute "TED talks" by 11 faculty recently recruited to UNC, as well as a State of the Center talk by Center Director Shelley Earp.  A poster session and reception with more than 50 posters by students, fellows, and residents followed the program.  The top three posters in each of three categories (basic science, clinical/translational science, population science) took home cash prizes ranging from $100 to $250.  More than 200 attended the annual event.  

Posted below is a list of poster award winners and a brief slide show of the event.

Poster Winners



Poster Title


Basic Science


Laura Tollini
Radiation Oncology

Mdm2 Mediated Degradation is Not Required for p53 Regulation Under Unstressed Conditions in vivo

Laura Tollini, Jikyoung Park, Yanping Zhang


Matt Walker
Cell Biology & Physiology

Novel Regulators of Wnt Signaling Revealed Through Gain-of-Function Genetic Screening and Mass Spectrometry

Matt Walker, Alex Rabinowitz, Dennis Goldfarb, Feng Yan, Maria Cederlund, Gilbert Weidinger,  Kristy Richards, Ben Major


Kyle Konze

An Orally Bioavailable Chemical Probe of  Lysine Methyltransferases EZH1 and EZH2

Kyle Konze et al

Clinical / Translational


Robert McNeill
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

The Role of the DNA Repair Enzyme Methylguanine Methyltransferase (MGMT) in Glioblastoma  Temozolomide Resistance

Robert S. McNeill, Ralf S. Schmid, Ryan E. Bash, Mark Vitucci, Andrea M. Werneke, Kristen White, David Irvin, and C. Ryan Miller


Tsunekazu Oikawa
Cell Biology & Physiology

Human Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinomas: Evidence for Derivation from Biliary Tree Stem Cells

Tsunekazu Oikawa, Eliane Wauthier, Andrea Reyna-Neyra, Nancy Carrasco, Ron Levine, Yunfang Wang, Vincenzo Cardinale, Guido Carpino, Domenico Alvaro, Eugenio Gaudio, and  Lola M. Reid


David Irvin
Genetics & Molecular Biology

Malignant Progression in a Genetically Egineered Mouse Model of Astrocytoma Occurs through Stochastic Acquisition of Secondary Mutations

Irvin, David,  Schmid, Ralf,  Vitucci, Mark,  Werneke, Andrea,  Bash, Ryan, and Miller, Ryan

Population Sciences


Melissa Gilkey
UNC Lineberger

RCT to Increase Provision of Adolescent Vaccines in Primary Care

Melissa B. Gilkey, PhD, Jennifer L. Moss, MSPH, Alicia C. Sparks, MPH,  Amanda M. Dayton, MA, Amy H. Grimshaw, MS MSW, & Noel T. Brewer, PhD


Leah Zullig
Health Policy & Management

Examining Potential Colorectal Cancer Care Quality Disparities in the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System

Leah L. Zullig, PhD, MPH; William R. Carpenter, PhD, MHA; Dawn Provenzale, MD, MS; Morris Weinberger, PhD, MS; Bryce B. Reeve, PhD, MA; George L. Jackson, PhD, MHA


Shellie Ellis
Health Policy & Management

Prostate Cancer Guideline-Concordance in a North Carolina Population-based Sample of African and Caucasian Americans

Shellie D Ellis, Bonny Blackard, William R. Carpenter, Merle Mishel, Ronald C. Chen, Paul A. Godley, James L. Mohler, Jeannette T. Bensen


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