Our facility provides posters printing service for UNC Lineberger Cancer Center members and UNC faculty, staff, and students. Our posters are of either 36 or 44 inches tall by up to any length, printed at semi-glossy photo paper.


  • Poster Printing: $11.00 per linear foot for cancer center members and $22.00 per linear foot for non-members
  • Poster Proof: $11.00 each for cancer center members and $22.00 each for non-members
  • Heavy Ink Surcharge: $3.50 per linear foot for cancer center members and $7.00 per linear foot for non-members
  • Learn more about LCCC Membership

Billing: From September 1, 2014, customer needs to fill out our new billing form, which can be downloaded here and at Downloads section below. Billing is handled in the following month of the transaction through UNC's electronic system, while a hard copy of the bill is available to the account holder for reference.

Turnaround Time: Turnaround time varies according to business. During peak conference seasons, it could take 2-4 days, otherwise it should not take more than 1-2 days. It is always first-come-first-served, however, LCCC members have priority over non-members.

Instructions: You can create your poster with any layout software. Powerpoint is the easiest to use, Adobe Illustrator offers better quality, and PDF format is a simple, secure way to accurately represent and share files among different platforms. Images should be a high resolution (300 pixels/inch or higher).


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