The Tissue Culture Facility exists primarily to fulfill Cancer Center researchers’ cell culture and related requirements, however, the Facility may be used by anyone at UNC or other institutions as long as Cancer Center member support capacity is not exceeded. A "full service" facility, the TCF has the capability and expertise to respond to the rapidly changing research that relies on in vitro cell culture techniques and materials. A major aspect of the TCF is to provide complete cell culture propagation services from basic “starter” cultures to complex research project-specific cell cultures. Special propagation services include very large-scale cultures of both anchorage-dependent and suspension cells, cultivation of cells for the baculovirus expression system, production of monoclonal antibodies, as well as other specialized techniques. A large support program exists to provide complete patient blood sample separation in order to create immortalized cell lines from B-lymphocytes using Epstein Barr virus (EBV). In addition, cell cryopreservation and storage, training and consultation, and other cell-culture-related testing services are provided. Cell culture reagents and supplies support is also an important function of the TCF. The facility produces or otherwise supplies almost any medium, reagent, additive or supply item required in cell culture and molecular biology research at a deep discount with prompt on-site availability. Items not in stock can be ordered for UNC Lineberger members at the same discount rate as in-stock items and made available via next-day delivery without shipping charges. As such, the TCF provides UNC Lineberger members with comprehensive, inexpensive, and innovative products and services, a practice it has maintained while growing in scope and responsiveness to members over the last 30 years.