Services Quick Reference List

We can help you with almost any cell/tissue culture related task, project, technique, problem, or question. If we can't help you directly, 99% of the time we can find an answer for you or guide you to someone who can help you. We are proud of our reputation as an information resource that compliments our technical expertise and materials support functions. We are here to support your research; don't hesitate to put us to work.

The following list is provided as an index or guide to the many services and functions of the TCF. It is fairly comprehensive but not complete. If you have questions regarding any of our services please ask the staff.

Cell Culture:
anchorage cell systems
bioreactor services
B-lymphocyte immortalization
cell cryopreservation
cell line acquisition
cell repository
hollow-fiber cell culture system
large & small scale cell cultures
liquid nitrogen storage
monoclonal antibody isotyping
monoclonal antibody production
mycoplasma treatment/cure
suspension cell systems

cell culture microscopy
cell culture system trouble-shooting
cell culture training
cell culture video tapes
culture contamination trouble-shooting
hood set-up & operation consultation
incubator set-up & calibration
media formulation consultation
primary cell culture consultation
reagent sterilization process techniques
special media preparation
sterile & aseptic technique training
Sterilizer (autoclave) use training
Technical Tips

endotoxin testing
mycoplasma testing
serum screening
sterility testing