2005 Awards

Clinical/Translational (April)
William Coleman - Pathology
Contribution of a Novel BRCA1 Promoter Polymorphism to Hereditary and Sporadic Breast Cancer Susceptibility
Neil Hayes - Medicine
Development of an Immuno-histochemical Assay for the Prediction of Cisplatin Response in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head & Neck
Clinical/Translational (October)
Janiel Shields - Pharmacology, Dermatology
EGFR/HER2: Novel Therapeutic Targets in Melanoma
Carrie Lee - Medicine
Patrick Roberts - UNC School of Pharmacy
K-Ras mediated Relapse and Metastasis in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Use of Tissue Microarray to Determine Prognostic Markers
Population Sciences (April)
Gail Henderson - Social Medicine
Subjects’ Understanding of the Nature and Intent of Clinical Research in Early Phase Cancer Trials: Developing a ‘Research-Treatment’ Scale
Michael Pignone - Medicine
Measuring the Value of Patient Time Spent in Screening Colonoscopy
Karyn Stitzenberg - Surgery/Sheps
Sociodemographic Factors Impacting Stage at Diagnosis for Patients with Melanoma
Population Sciences (October)
Carmen Lewis - Medicine
Determinants of Colorectal Cancer Screening in Older Adults
GI SPORE (April)
Pilaor Blancafort - Pharmacology
Discovery of Novel Artificial Transcription Factors Regulating Colon Cancer Cell Invasion and Progression
Christian Jobin - Medicine Luteolin as Dietary Chemopreventive Agent in Colitis-Associate Colon Cancer
Temitope Keku - Medicine
Inflammatory Cytokines, Apoptosis and the Risk of Colorectal Adenoma and Cancer
Yanping Zhang - Radiation Oncology
Targeting B23/NPM in Colorectal Cancer
IDOC (April)
Kay Lund - Cell & Molecular Physiology Biomarkers for Adiposity Induced by Commensal Microflora in Humans
David Threadgill - Genetics
Genetics Gut Flora, Physical Activity, and Obesity in Germ-Free Mice
Program Planning Grants (October)
Jon Serody - Microbiology/Immunology
Inflamation and Cancer
Other (April)
Dirk Dittmer - Microbiology/Immunology
Rapid Diagnosis of Cancer-Associated µRNAs
Andrew Olshan - Epidemiology
Quality of Life Among African-American Head and Neck Cancer Survivors