2007 Awards

Ryan C. Miller, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor,
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Cross-species, in-situ protein pathway profiling of astrocytomas
William B. Coleman, PhD
Associate Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Improving Treatment of Breast Cancer Through Identification of Breast Cancers of the Hypermethylator Phenotype
Grigoriy I. Kovalev, PhD
Research Associate
UNC Lineberger
Pathogenesis of HIV-1 and KSHV co-infection in A Novel Humanized Mouse Model
Nicholas J. Shaheen, MD
Associate Professor
The Role of the Tight Junction in Esophageal Cancer Pathogenesis: Implications for Biomarkers in Barrett’s Esophagus
Tope Keku, PhD
Res Assoc. Professor, Medicine
Intestinal Microbiota and Risk of Colorectal Neoplasia
Population Sciences
Cathy Melvin, PhD
Sr. Fellow, Sheps
Res Assoc Professor, MCH
Increasing Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer: Enhancing Systems to Increase Screening And Access to Care
Claudio Battaglini, PhD
Assistant Professor
Exercise & Sport Science
Effects of a Combined Exercise and Recreational Therapy Intervention on Selected Physiological and Psychological Parameters in Post-Treatment Breast Cancer Patients