Expectations and Benefits

Members conduct and promote cancer research, particularly collaborative and/or inter, multi, or transdisciplinary cancer research. Members also support clinical care, education/training, and dissemination.


  • Active participation in program/center meetings, retreats, and symposia held by the Center and their Program;
  • Active participation in Center internal review panels and other committees;
  • Timely and accurate submission of annual and special requests for research progress, other support, publications, and biosketch. These requests usually occur in August/September when needed for the Center’s non-competing continuation grant; Requests may come from the Center, program leaders, core facility leaders, and others. [Note: annual updates are not required of Associate or Emeritus members.]
  • Creation and maintenance of a research profile on the UNC Lineberger website. Members will receive a password and can manage the content on their profile site;
  • Listing of Cancer Center affiliation on curriculum vitae and biosketch; and
  • Acknowledgement of membership and Center support (particularly from core facilities and pilot projects) in publications, abstracts, posters, and presentations.


Members (including adjunct, associate, and emeritus) receive discounted services (when available) and/or priority service at center-sponsored core facilities. They also receive timely notification of the center's seminars, symposia, and other events. A subset of members participate in the center's basic science and cancer control training programs. Members may submit research grant proposals through the center. Members may apply for Cancer Center developmental research project funding.