41st Annual UNC Lineberger Scientific Symposium

UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center will host its 41st annual scientific symposium on May 22-23, 2017, at the Friday Center, Chapel Hill, NC. The meeting's theme will be Developmental Signal Transduction Pathway in Cancer.

41st Annual UNC Lineberger Scientific Symposium: Developmental Signal Transduction Pathway in Cancer

May 22-23, 2017

The Friday Center, Chapel Hill, NC


Ben Major, Scott Randell, Neil Hayes, Albert Baldwin




Nabeel Bardeesy
Harvard University
(coming soon)
Trever Bivona
New insights into the role of developmental pathways in lung cancer progression
Alain Charest
Harvard University

PDGFRα-Stathmin1 Signaling Axis Confers Sensitivity to Vinblastine in Glioblastoma

Li Ding,
Washington University

Current Understanding of Central Oncogenic Processes

Neil Hayes

Somatic Alterations in Developmental Genes in Tumors of the Aerodigestive Track

Carla Kim
Harvard University

Regulation of progenitor cells in the adult lung and in lung cancer

Stephen Kleeberger

The role of NRF2 in lung disease pathogenesis

Ben Major

Mechanistic Studies of the KEAP1 Tumor Suppressor in Lung Cancer

John Minna
UT Southwestern

Molecular Pathogenesis of Lung Cancer with Translation to the Clinic

Trudy Oliver
University of Utah

MYC drives progression of small cell lung cancer to a variant neuroendocrine subtype with vulnerability to Aurora kinase inhibition

Chad Pecot

Integrated Approaches to Uncover Metastatic Biology

Charles Rudin
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Small cell lung cancer: new insights, novel therapeutics, renewed hope

Richard Schlegel
Georgetown University

Conditional cell reprogramming for modeling human cancer and cell immortalization

Jennifer Webster-Cyriaque

The Oral Microbiome: An Instigator of Euchromatin mediated Tumorviral Pathogenesis

Kwok-Kin Wong
New York University

Preclinical models for testing of novel and immune therapies

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