Meet Cindy Rogers

Cindy's primary responsibilities are with Carolina Well, UNC Lineberger's Cancer Survivorship Program, developing cancer treatment summaries and survivorship care plans, and working with various clinics to expand the availability of these materials. She also works with health care providers in the Comprehensive Cancer Support Program to disseminate information about services and programs and with information technology departments to develop new, interactive ways of assessing our patients’ needs.

Cindy Rogers


Cindy moved to North Carolina 14 years ago from California (where she lived in Sausalito overlooking the San Francisco Bay and also Malibu).  Needless to say, she has a great love for water and the beach.  She never turns down an opportunity to spend time at any of the beautiful beaches in NC.  At home, she loves to cook and bake and regularly challenges herself to think of new and creative ways to prepare or preserve the mass quantities of produce her husband Tom grows in his vegetable garden.  Her most recent success is habanero pepper jelly.

"It is such an honor to come to work each day and be a part of the Comprehensive Cancer Support Program and Carolina Well.  I have never before worked with such a dedicated and compassionate group of professionals," says Cindy. "It is my goal to bring the same dedication and compassion to my work.   It is my hope that my work helps cancer survivors and caregivers find the information they seek, and the care and support they need during and after treatment."