Meet Mary Cromer, LCSW

As a clinical social worker in the UNC Comprehensive Cancer Support Program, Mary helps patients and their families cope with the emotional, social and financial impact of a cancer diagnosis by providing information, resources, and supportive counseling. She assesses each person’s situation, identifies barriers to treatment and provides assistance with problem solving as needed.

Mary Cromer


A Triangle area native and UNC-Chapel Hill graduate, Mary enjoys yoga, birdwatching, camping and being outdoors exploring nature.  She volunteers each year at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham.

"UNC Hospitals is a great place to work, and I’m proud to be affiliated with the N. C. Cancer Hospital. Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, affecting all aspects of a person’s life," says Mary.  "As a social worker, I’m trained to see the whole person (not just one aspect of him or her), and to listen carefully and closely.  My goal is to provide practical resources to reduce stressors, remove barriers to treatment, and hopefully make things more manageable for our patients."