Meet Mimi Alvarez, RN, MSN, PMHCNS-BC

As a Clinical Nurse Specialist with the UNC Comprehensive Cancer Support Program, Mimi provides counseling to patients and their families. She sees patients of all ages and in all clinical programs, from pediatric oncology to geriatric oncology.

Mimi Alvarez


Born in Cuba, Mimi speaks Spanish and is often asked to work with Spanish speaking patients and their families. She immigrated to the United States at an early age, without knowing the language or the culture, and watched her parents struggle to make ends meet. "I really do understand what this experience is like for our Spanish speaking families," she explains.

She loves, loves, loves cooking, especially good Cuban food.  She also loves gardening and painting. It's how she replenishes herself.  Her greatest joy is having her three adult kids and their spouses stay at her house for the holidays while she cooks up a storm in the kitchen for days on end. "I guess you can say that I love nourishing people, both physically and psychologically," she says.

"Patients and families extend an invitation to us to enter into their lives at one of the most vulnerable times, being diagnosed with cancer. For me, it is a sacred space, a privilege to walk on this path with them," says Mimi. "My hope is that I can lighten the burden, even for just a little while."