Erin Schmid

As a family nurse practitioner in UNC's Bone Marrow Transplant Program, Erin helps take care of patients both during and after a transplant.

Erin SchmidOn the inpatient side, she works with patients during chemotherapy and their transplant, helping to manage side effects and being there for them in any way she can. On the outpatient side, she helps keep track of each patient's progress to ensure they are as healthy as possible.

"I love UNC and I love taking care of our patients and their families," says Erin. "We have amazing patients and it is impossible to imagine myself working anywhere else!"

When not at work, Erin likes to run. She recently ran the Chicago Marathon and is currently training for a half marathon in Disney World that she will be running with her mom and sister. She also loves to play with her two labs, Oscar and Mason.

Erin says that she is inspired by and extremely grateful for her health and all the opportunities that she has. "I try to make the most of both," she explains.