Meet Mary Dunn, NP-C, OCN

Mary Dunn is an adult oncology nurse practitioner in a multidisciplinary role with the Urologic Oncology Program. She works with four independent clinics and also runs the monthly Testicular Cancer Survivorship Clinic and the Von Hippel Lindau Center of Excellence.


She enjoys spending time with her husband, Stephen, and their four-legged child, Wrigley. They attend lots of athletic events together, especially baseball, NASCAR races, and college football games. In her spare time, she reads, dabbles with amateur photography, and cheers on the Chicago Cubs and all things UVA. Wahoo!

"As a brand new Nurse Practitioner, I was welcomed with open arms. I am fortunate enough to work with an intelligent, passionate, and dedicated group of professionals who put forth a great amount of energy to provide excellent care to our patient population," says Mary. "It's an honor to be able to serve the people of North Carolina with Genitourinary malignancies."

"There have always been countless opportunities for me to grow, professionally and personally, with support from my colleagues. I am proud to be a part of this exceptional UNC team!"